Like most people, riding a bike had been a key feature while growing up, and my journey and subsequent passion for cycling as a sport ensued, and still continues to grow 20 years later.

My journey in cycling has allowed for extensive experience across a variety of spectrums on and off the bike, including: sports therapy, bikefit, performance analysis services and coaching.

Education and continued learning from each athlete continues to drive my passion to go beyond just the prescription of training. I work with each athlete as an individual and seek to support, unlock and exploit their full potential to reach all goals and objectives.

I welcome riders of all levels, from those looking to improve their general fitness and strength; to riders aiming for their first Gran Fondo event; and neo-pro riders aiming for the next step into the professional ranks.

If you wish to get in contact to have a chat about your aims and objectives, then don’t hesitate to drop a line. Every chat is treated as an opportunity for both rider and coach to learn more about each other, and to discuss how we can take you to the next level of your cycling performance.

Education & Training:


Contact: Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain. 

Email: info@phasescycling.com